О компании АвтоБаки

About company


Let’s get acquainted.

We are the manufacturing company AvtoBaki.

We manufacture both the standard products for cargo vehicles and the customized products. For example, the fuel and hydraulic tanks of enlarged size and non-standard configuration.

Our company has been running since 2005, and is making the products for cargo vehicles, such as:

  • Fuel tanks;
  • Hydraulic tanks;
  • Radiators;
  • Intercoolers;
  • Pallete boxes;
  • Wheel baskets;
  • and other products;

Our manufacturing facilities are combined into a network of the branch offices that have large resources, and manufacturing process is arranged so that we can manufacture the products of one product to large lot, customized, and simultaneously with manufacturing of our serial products.

All our products are delivered through the whole Russia and CIS countries, using our own vehicle fleet, by our dealers and more than ten transport companies. We have tried to ensure that our customers can receive their orders in any, even the most remote place.

In addition, the necessary stock of finished products is always available at our own warehouses in St-Petersburg, Moscow, and Ekaterinburg, at those of our dealers, and at those of the transport companies though the whole Russia, allowing our customers to receive the products they need as soon as possible, without overpaying for delivery.

We manufacture the aluminium and steel products for special heavy machinery, cargo vehicles, and buses of domestic, European, and American brands:

At our manufacturing facilities, we use the best materials and cutting-edge equipment only, allowing us to manufacture highest-quality products.

AvtoBaki’s specialists perform a suite of the maintenance and repair services for:

  • Fuel and hydraulic tanks;
  • Radiators and intercoolers;
  • Turbines;

Also, we do:

  • Argon welding;
  • Filling up the conditioners for cargo vehicles;
  • Hydraulic cut-in;

Among our clients, there are the biggest companies of Russia and CIS countries, such as MAZ, MAN, URAL MOTOR PLANT, VAD CJSC, TsBI, BALTCAM, TRACAVTO etc..

We have extensive and ambitions plans. We are growing and developing constantly. We increase production ouputs, enlarge output product range, increase product quality, and supplement our services with new ones.

Our designers, technologists, and engineering staff of the quality control department work on these tasks every day.

We highly appreciate the relations with our customers and their trust in us, and always try to exceed their expectations from our service and product quality.

If you want to become our customer, to work for our company, to become our partner, supplier or authorized dealer, call us: 8 (800) 333-20-69.



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