Hydraulic cut-in

We render the services to integrate hydraulic tanks into fuel ones. We render the full cycle, from installation to manufacturing.
What hydraulic cut-in is needed for:

For space saving.
It is not always possible to install a hydraulic tank, often there is just no place for it. In this case, we use native fuel tank and cut a hydraulic one in it.

Money saving.
Often, hydraulic cutting is more economically profitable because there’s no need to spend money on installing and purchasing a hydraulic tank and brackets.

For time saving.
In average, 1 working day is spent on hydraulic cut-in.
The necessary hydraulic tank and the necessary layout and dimensions may not be available.

How Hydraulic cut-in occurs?

  • You communicate the necessary oil volume.
  • You communicate what hydraulic equipment you will use.
  • We inspect the existing fuel tank as well as the presence of free area on vehicle frame.

If there is a free space on the frame, we use it because hydraulic cut-in steals fuel volume. We elongate the native fuel tank, saving the usable volume to the fullest extent possible.
If there’s no place, hydraulic cut-in will be done with the existing dimensions of hydraulic tank.

Technological progress:

  • Fuel is drained.
  • Fuel tank is washed.
  • The end cover of fuel tank is cut out.
  • Blind partition is installed.
  • Shell is manufactured with all the access holes.
  • The shell is welded onto the fuel tank.
  • The end cover is welded on.
  • Leak test.
  • If necessary, mount on a vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

How much is hydraulic cut-in?
Each case is unique and is calculated individually. Indications are that it is a bit cheaper to install tank separately.

Is it necessary for you to bring a car or is it possible to bring a tank only?
You can bring tank only. You can clarify all the necessary information on the phone.

Do you have guarantees?
Yes, we provide guaranty of 3 years for hydraulic cut-in.

It is possible to order a new fuel tank with hydraulic cut-in?
Yes, it is. It is necessary for you to communicate this to manager.

To what tank hydraulic cut-in can be made?
To any aluminium fuel tank.

I am in a region, what do I do?
You need to send us a fuel tank via any transport company that is convenient for you, an communicate data to us. We will take the tank on our own, make hydraulic cut-in, and send it back.
Or we’ll manufacture immediately a fuel tank with hydraulic cut-in for you, and send it to you via any convenient transport company.


Description of work Цена
Hydraulic insert installation (single) from 19 000 Rub
Hydraulic insert installation (double) from 34 000 Rub
Hydraulic insert installation (though the shell) from 28 000 Rub
Hydraulic insert installation D-shaped 34 000 Rub


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