Repair of turbines

The repair of turbines is one of the actively-developing area of our company. For the past 7 years, we have made the tremendous way from reselling the restored and new turbocompressors to the full turnkey repair cycle for turbines.

  • We have purchased the cutting-edge equipment;
  • We have found the reliable spare part suppliers;
  • We have created the repair stock of the restored turbocompressors;
  • We have created the warehouse of the spare parts necessary for repair.
We will take your turbine for free and deliver it back after repair, within Ring Road.

The means of transport which turbines are repaired:

Light vehicles
Special machinery
Cargo vehicles

Turbine repair prices

Repair of turbines
Turbo compressor dismantling/assembling 6 000 Rub.
Turbo compressor with cooling dismantling/assembling 7 000 Rub.

Table No.1. Turbine repair price schedule

Your actions:

Call and consultation
Bring a turbine
Fault finding, repair, and check
Receiving the intact turbine

Defective turbine was removed:

  1. Call on the number 8 (800) 333-20-69
  2. Bring the turbine on you own or send it by courier to our service center.
  3. We’ll make diagnostics and communicate the cost of repair
  4. We’ll repair your turbine
  5. You’ll make the repair and diagnostics payment for the turbine.
  6. We’ll bring your the turbine, or you’ll come to pick it up on your own
  7. If the turbine is unrepairable, you can call us and we’ll select a new turbocompressor for you.

    Turbine requires repair but it is installed on vehicle:

    1. Call on the number 8 (800) 333-20-69
    2. Come to us
    3. We’ll remove your turbine
    4. We’ll make the diagnostics of your turbine and find the reason for fault
    5. Upon agreement with you, we’ll repair your turbocompressor
    6. You’ll pay the cost of repair and diagnostics.
    7. We’ll install the turbine to your vehicle.

      Warranty for repair is 6 months.

      Turbine replacement is a costly process because this element of turbine engine has high price. However, it does not always make sense to buy a new turbocompressor, because the possibility exists to repair this element of turbine engine.

      Repair stock photo:

      Фото ремонтного фонда
      Фото ремонтного фонда
      Фото ремонтного фонда

      We have more than 40 different turbine variants in place

      AvtoBaki Company renders the turbine repair services for light and cargo vehicles, and for special machinery. Our repairmen have the great experience and are able to cope with different orders in this area. We can replace the rotor or wheel of a compressor, and can replace or repair a valve. We repair different turbines (with simple actuator, measurable geometry, electronic unit). We make the diagnostics of turbine and its elements.

      The equipment of our repair area:

      Колеса турбины/компрессора
      Корпуса подшипников
      Колеса турбины/компрессора
      Корпуса подшипников

      When the company specialists see that a turbocompressor cannot be repaired for different reasons, they will tell this to a client honestly. We do not mislead the people. Our company repairs turbines only when we see the feasibility of such work. If turbocompressor cannot be repaired, the replacement of this element will be the best decision. We always perform work qualitatively and do things with a heavy responsibility.


      Менеджер Фокин Евгений
      Fokin Evgeny
      8 (800) 333-20-69 ext. 1104
      Менеджер Панов Андрей
      Panov Andrey
      8 (800) 333-20-69 ext. 1105

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