Fuel tanks custom manufacturing

Схема - чертеж бака
Итого: руб.

Currently, the number of vehicles and motorists is increased. This is because people became generally richer and more successful than in 90s, in addition, banks offer auto loan on favorable terms. Therefore, almost each human strives to buy a vehicle, while showing a preference for the models of foreign manufacturers. Cargo vehicles and special machinery are in demand as well.

This situation has impacted on opening the new vehicle-care centers, vehicle repair shops, and on creating the companies engaged in manufacturing the different component parts for vehicles. But no matter how good a vehicle is, it tends to breaking down. In addition, used vehicles are very popular among drivers, increasing the possibility of breaking such machinery down.

In this respect, the need to replace a fuel tank arises for many. This is a process just necessary for motorists sometimes. And in this case, it is best to approach a tank custom manufacturing company. This can be much cheaper. Besides, an aluminium fuel tank will be the most correct decision. It is of high efficiency.

However, vehicle owners often do not have a complete information on the prices on this market, as a result they overpay large amounts. For example, the fuel tank for typical foreign-made vehicle costs kRUB 80 to 120. Agree, this is a quite a lot of money. Drivers pay them not thinking that they may spend a far less amount for qualitative fuel tank.

Advantages of the customized tanks

Our company, Avtobaki LLC, manufactures and sells aluminium fuel tanks. We manufacture the tanks for light and cargo vehicles as well as for different special machinery. Besides, we perform our work within a short time, without compromising on quality.
If you order a fuel tank at our place, you will have not only qualitative product but also reduce your costs significantly because we manufacture customized tanks at cheaper prices. We are interested in permanent clients and reliable partners, and we use individual approach principle in our work.
Customized fuel tank. By the way, the fuel tank for typical foreign-made vehicle, which is ordered at our place, will go for just kRUB 25. As for the fuel tanks for special machinery, their custom manufacturing by our company will reduce your costs at least 3 times. Besides, the prices here vary and depend on specific machinery.

So, the most profitable variant for you is manufacturing the fuel tanks as per drawing and sample. Our products are manufactured of the high-quality aluminium complying with the necessary GOST standards, and have excellent wear resistance. We manufacture fuel tanks as per standard dimensions as well as custom orders. Dealing with us is profitable for you. Choose our company.
Do you need a fuel tank? Order it at our place. Why would you overpay?


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