Argon welding

AvtoBaki Company has the huge experience in welding of different metals: steel welding, aluminium welding, stainless steel welding, and geometry restoration. This allows us to offer perhaps the best quality and warranty conditions on the market.

Our experienced repairmen can weld absolutely any part: from dot welding to pipe welding. If you want to buy welding in Saint-Petersburg, we can offer free delivery to you. Within the Ring Road, we will take your part and then bring it back repaired, absolutely free of charge!

Experience that inspires trust:

  • For 13 years of work, a total length of the weld joints is 58,240 meters for aluminium
  • 4 659 meters for stainless steel
  • 29 120 meters of steel weld joint

What do We weld using argon?

  • Aluminum
  • Silumin
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Cast iron

Which parts do we repair?

  • Welding of aluminium disks
  • Welding of gearbox units
  • Welding of pan
  • Welding of box
  • Welding of bracket
  • Welding of tie bands
  • Any parts of steel


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